Friday, November 28, 2014

shop salute: 123 stitch

Hello from the workshop. It has been busy over here but I do try to not drop completely out of sight if it can be helped. So I thought it would be appropriate on this black friday - a day that celebrates all things shopping related - to share a little shop salute. 

What is a shop salute? It's a little chance for me to gush a bit about a great experience I have had with a store online or in real life. Sometimes I am so impressed with the customer service I receive that I cannot help but shout about it. And let's face it, great customer service is harder and harder to find these days so we all really need to encourage those who provide it to keep up the good work.

So, today's Shop Salute is for 123 stitch. I came across their site when searching for some hoops I could buy in large quantities online (yes they have them). I was delighted to find that they have a HUGE selection of flosses and threads as well. They can be ordered in any quantity too - that can be hard to find online - a lot of shops have minimum quantities. Because of this it is a great way to try out some new kinds of floss that might not be available in your local fabric store.

The shipping is FAST - my orders have all been shipped the very same day they were placed. The shipping cost is absolutely reasonable too which I appreciate.

Finally, they are just so friendly there. At the end of the checkout process there is a place to indicate whether or not there was anything you were looking for but could not find. On the one occasion I filled it out I swear I had a relpy within hours from a real person offering to special order the items I had mentioned. wow. That's impressive.

So, stop over to - I think you will be impressed. I sure was!

Thursday, November 6, 2014

and there you have it

First Snow Winter Illustration, Digital Illustration by SeptemberHouse
We knew it could not last forever, right? Our first flakes are scheduled to make landfall today or tomorrow. It has been a beautiful Fall so I should not complain but still, I would hang on to the warmer weather a little longer if I could.

Are you all getting set for the Holiday season? Are there handmade gifts in the works? November is usually my busiest month but this year it has been a little more quiet than normal so I am not my usual frantic November self. I am a little afraid to start something else just in case the pace picks up and I have to abandon it but we don't want idle hands around here either so we shall see.

Hope you are enjoying the calm before the storm!

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

hike highlights

autumn in minnesota 2014
Yes, it is a little sad that Summer had to come to an end but, wow, Autumn really has a way of easing that pain, doesn't she?
autumn in minnesota 2014
I was lucky enough to be able to get out and take in some of the Autumn scenery this morning with my handsome husband with camera in tow.
autumn in minnesota 2014
What a day for a hike in the woods, I knew I had to share some of the highlights with my online friends as well.
fall in saint paul minnesota 2014
If it's Autumn where you are I hope you have had a chance to get out and enjoy it too.

fall in saint paul minnesota 2014
Now, it's back to work for me although I would love to get at least one more scenic adventure in before all these leaves blow away!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

welcome fall

Hello to you on this first full day of Fall. I myself am quite fond of this season - who doesn't like Fall? I hope the season brings you many happy new beginnings and joyous celebrations. Kick some leaves, bake a pie, sip apple cider by the campfire - enjoy all the season has to offer!

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

summer's last hurrah

Nothing like waiting until the very last second, eh? I have one last bit of Summer fun to share before Fall sets in. This is one that I worked on here and there over the course of the Summer. I've been giving myself a lot of digital challenges over the past few months and this was one of them. I wanted to create some interesting textures and color combinations as well as hone my skills at creating seamless patterns. None of that comes easy to me so I thought I might as well add a fun twist to it and here is what I created.
retro lawn chair fabric pattern by septemberhouse
It's a small collection of fabrics inspired by vintage fold-up lawn chairs from way back (you remember those, right?) Each one has that tell-tale woven pattern with colorful striped bands going this way, and conversely, that way.
retro lawn chair fabric DIY project by septemberhouse
The texture shows no matter what surface it's printed on but when you add a textured fabric or paper to the equation the look is really authentic. I used some of Spoonflower's woven wallpaper to cover a moleskine notebook and also sewed up a simple totebag with the linen-cotton canvas fabric.
retro lawn chair fabric tote bag project by septemberhouse
You can create your own retro lawn chair project with these fabrics available in the SeptemberHouse Spoonflower Shop. 
Farewell Summer - surprise us and come back EARLY in 2015!

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

embroidery pattern premiere : Kaleidoscope

Butterfly hand embroidery patterns from SeptemberHouse

Hello patient So September readers! I am so happy to be able to share a pattern premiere today after what seems like ages since I have. Introducing, Kaleidoscope, a pattern set dedicated to some of my very favorite little creatures, butterflies.

If you didn't know this about me then I'll tell you now - I love butterflies. To this day, in my middle age, I will still gasp and exclaim, "look! a butterfly!" when one floats by. They simply never fail to amaze.

Butterflies hand embroidery patterns from SeptemberHouse

It's true that when some people think of embroidery and butterflies they think of 1970's bell bottoms with bright yellow and orange psychedelic butterflies stitched on the back pockets. It's my hope that I can add a slightly more modern feel to these guys. If you want to embroider them on your jeans though, I say "go for it!"
Butterflies hand embroidery patterns from SeptemberHouse

There are four of these beauties in the set. There might be a fifth little freebie included too - or there might not, I really cannot say *wink*. When I made my examples I used a natural linen fabric because I wanted a neutral background and well, I love natural linen. A strong outline was important to me with these designs so I began each one with that. Next I used a variety of filling stitches - mostly basics like satin stitch and chain stitches but also a few new ones- to add some bright colors.

Butterfly embroidery patterns from SeptemberHouse
These don't have a 'field guide' look to them but hopefully they provide another option for someone wanted to stitch up something like this for a DIY project or gift. There are lots of butterfly embroidery patterns out there and I think that is why I hesitated for several months with this set. I usually try to steer away from subject matter that I see a lot of in the crafting community and instead provide something that is more unique. If approached the right way, however, I thought that I might be able to give these guys a look that stood out a bit from the crowd and I am hoping I did just that.

And speaking of the impressive quantity of butterfly embroidery patterns available...

butterfly embroidery by septemberhouse

If you are familiar with the Stitches del Sol pattern set you will recall another butterfly pattern I designed for that set so I am not in completely foreign territory here. They have all been fun and challenging but I promise I will move onto something else after this - I swear!

hand embroidery designs modern butterflies
Before I close out I have to share how I titled this set. It wasn't easy - sometimes that is just about the hardest part of the process! So, I was spending a lot of time with a thesaurus and not having much luck. It was not until I did some more scientific reading into butterflies that I learned that a group of butterflies can be called a "swarm" a "rabble" or..... a "kaleidoscope". That pretty much sealed the deal for me and 'Kaleidoscope' officially emerged!

Monday, June 16, 2014

a little holiday preview

I know, I know, the holidays are SOOO far away - who wants to even think about them when we all should be playing outside instead? I'm right there with ya, I really am. I am in love with my tiny garden, the extended sunshine and having the windows open in the house and Christmas seems a million miles away. EXCEPT that, in order to preserve some sanity, I have to have some key things in place before my boys get out of school and life becomes... shall we say "louder". One of those things happens to be holiday ornament designs.
Baby's First Christmas Ornament modern forest design Handmade personalized
So, I'm sharing a few 2014 goodies. I have a few new designs including the little forest ornament above. Non-traditional designs and imagery that doesn't scream "Christmas!" have always been attractive to me as a designer and also as a consumer but I worried that this one might stray too far from the Christmas spirit. Surprisingly though, several people I have asked, including my 6 year old son, have said it was their favorite of all the designs. So you just never know I guess.
Baby's first Christmas Toy Elephant Holiday 2014 personalized ornament
And here come the elephants. I have had so many requests for elephant ornaments over the years! I cannot believe it has taken me so long to put together a design like this one. 
I usually stick with a gender neutral color scheme so that it works for either boys or girls but for this one I wanted to change it up a bit and go with two different styles.
Baby's 1st Christmas Pink Elephant Holiday 2014 personalized ornament
 Check out those teeny tiny buttons....awwww!
Baby's First Christmas 2014 Ornament Modern woodland Bear
 You didn't think I would kick off the holidays without these guys, did you?
Baby's First Christmas Woodland Bear Holiday 2014 Handmade Ornament

Polar Bear Ornament Holiday 2014 Personalized Baby's First Christmas
And look - a new friend this year! I added a polar bear design to the mix this year. To be completely honest I tried so hard to get these guys out for 2013 and after so much trial and error the holiday clock ran out and I had to shelf it until 2014. I hope it was worth the wait!
2014 Baby's First Christmas Ornament in Modern Polar Bear Design
The snow angels are coming back this year but I am still struggling to get some good photos of those gals.
Thanks so taking a peek at these new holiday ornament designs! Now, let's all get back outside and enjoy Summer!!